Thursday, March 09, 2006

Steve Howard

Steve Howard.
Editor of Carp Addict magazine, and
winner of the best forum post in the Fat Carp forum competetion.
The original photograph as supplied by Steve.

The photograph croped and made ready for the reference print to work from.

The first rendering, showing the outline drawn and the first light application of pencil, also the first darks added to the face.
( 2 days work)

The face and shirt are now complete,
the shirt was a bit of a challenge, if you notice,
the white strips on the darker part of the shirt
appear whiter than the rest, this is an optical illusion, and is caused beacause the white against the dark stands out more than the white against the medium grey.
A start on the fish is now under way.

Almost there, did not do too much over the weekend, just the head and lower fins to complete.

Portrait now complete.

Steve Howard and common carp